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Carsten Schaffors

I am the person behind imis consulting, Carsten Schaffors, born in March 1968. I am a graduated bioengineer with a varied career in various industries and business areas.

For more than 25 years, I have supported an analytical service provider in environmental, food and pharmaceutical analysis in its steady growth from 18 employees to an impressive 1,200 employees. My expertise ranges from the operational business of analytics to the administrative and managing functions for IT, Procurement, Marketing, and Sales. As COO of a GLP-certified laboratory in the field of environmental toxicology, as managing director of a catering project for a franchise concept and and as COO for an analytical service provider with a focus on radiopharmacy (GMP), I have a proven record of successfully overcoming challenges deal with challenges in various industries. My most recent step, in 2024, was the founding of imis consulting, a company with which I make my extensive expertise available to other companies. Since 2014, I have been living with my partner between Hanover and Hildesheim. We both have two children, now grown up, and a dog (Vincent, a Weimaraner)

Professional Experience

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