imis consulting

imis consulting

Interim Management & Industrial Support

Interim management, management consulting and
supporting services for your company.

Achieve your project goals faster by accessing our resources!

Based on our extensive experience, we offer you the opportunity to increase your company’s efficiency, keep costs under control and thus gain a competitive advantage, especially in highly specialized industries such as the TIC (Testing – Inspection – Certification) sector.

We support you so that you have time for the essentials in your company!

As experienced interim managers, we support your company where you need it and quickly familiarize ourselves with new situations.

With our wide-ranging, cross-industry expertise and qualified project management, we are on hand to advise your company.

Use our expertise to your advantage

Why you should trust us:

  1. Extensive experience in management (C-level) for processes, IT, purchasing, marketing & sales
  2. Detailed knowledge of the workflows and processes in the laboratory industry (pharma, environment and food)
  3. IT understanding for project management in the areas of digitalization, process optimization, AI/ML solutions and automation We are your partner from process and requirements analysis to software evaluation, implementation and finally the validation of these systems.

Further advantages of imis consulting

With imis consulting, you have a competent partner at your side.

Risk management

For complex projects, such as the implementation of management systems, the validation of computer systems or digitization projects, imis consulting can help identify and minimize risks to ensure successful outcomes.

Change Management

Project management or support for transformation projects in your company.


imis consulting supports you with expertise in various areas in order to tackle specific challenges and develop innovative solutions for you. This characteristic is particularly relevant in highly specialized areas such as the TIC industry.

Time and resource management

Interim management by imis consulting can help to manage time-critical projects or bottlenecks without your company having to hire additional staff on a permanent basis. This enables flexible use of resources.


imis consulting provides an objective perspective and can carry out unbiased analyses. This makes it easier to identify and optimize inefficient processes.

Cost efficiency

The services of imis consulting enable your company to obtain exactly the resources and expertise it needs without making long-term commitments. This is usually more cost-effective than hiring additional new employees.

Flexible resource allocation

By working with imis consulting, your company can react flexibly to changes. If necessary, certain services can be increased or reduced, depending on your company’s current requirements.

Innovation and Best Practices

imis consulting can help your company to implement innovative technologies, proven methods and best practices. This helps to increase competitiveness and improve efficiency.

“Contact us! We will find a tailored solution for your individual needs.”

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